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Broker Back Office software has been serving the international financial services community for over two decades. Based on the Isle of Man, we have users on every continent except Antarctica! The software has evolved based on feedback from users and it is now uniquely placed to provide a management system that is perfectly suited to IFA’s and fund managers working in the international arena.

Good News! ……………..Following a recent upgrade we decided to introduce a free version, why not take a look? Moreover, from just £25.00 per month you can be a BBO a single user, keeping all your records and communications safe and secure. Try it now!.............. Just register and off you go……….it’s free! (unless you decide to upgrade of course)

BBO Free!
  • Up to 20 files
  • Customer Chat
  • Documents folder
  • Up to 1 GB Storage
BBO Standard
  • Up to 50 files
  • Up to 10 folders
  • Up to 10 bespoke fields
  • Up to 5 GB Storage
BBO Advanced
  • Up to 200 files
  • Add Users £15 pcm each
  • Up to 20 GB Storage
  • Extra Modules
  • Unlimited Files
  • Unlimited Folders
  • Add Users £20 pcm each
  • White Label Customisation


Back Office Solutions Limited (BOSL) is the company behind BBO. It was incorporated in the Isle of Man in early 2011 by a management team that had been working together for over two decades in various areas such as investment broking, fund administration, life company administration, asset management and information technology.

The company purchased the web domain broker-backoffice.com with the associated intellectual property and customer base from the BVI based company Portfolio Builder Holdings Ltd. The roots of the system go back to 1999 but since 2011 it is has been the sole property of BOSL. This current version has a slightly different web domain broker-back-office.com .

Back Office Solutions Ltd is a company incorporated in Isle of Man under registration number 006549V.

Meet Our Directors

Our Directors have spent most of their working lives in the Financial Services Industry. Back Office Solutions (BOSL) was incorporated in the Isle of Man in early 2011, Tony and Steve however, have been working together for well over two decades in various areas such as broking, fund administration, life company adminstration, asset management and information technology.

We believe in the personal touch. So often in todays world it is virtually impossible to speak to key people directly but this is very definitely not the case at BBO. As our valued customer you will have a direct line of communication to both of us.

EU GDPR Overview

EU GDPR Overview

European Union General Data Protection Rule Compliance (GDPR) is required by any organisation that either does business in the EU or collects, processes and stores personal information of EU citizens. The Rules became enforceable from May 2018 and they are more stringent than preceding legislation. Compliance is compulsory so each member state does not have to ratify them into its own law. Of course, the Isle of Man is not in the European Union but many of our customers are, so we adopt the rules anyway.

The EU GDPR are not that prescriptive in terms of the technology controls required, rather stating that appropriate organisational and technological controls must be in place to protect sensitive data. Encryption is of course essential but organisations must understand their business operations and their data movement to best determine which controls, either technical or procedural can deliver the most effective method for ensuring DPR compliance.

Data Processers and Data Controllers

The Rules also introduce the concept of Data Processers and Data Controllers. A Data Processer is the designer and owner of the software. Back Office Solutions Ltd (BOSL) is by definition, a Data Processor. The responsibility of BOSL is to ensure that the technical controls are in place such as encryption, firewalls, password masking etc.The Data Controllers are the individual users within our client companies. It is important that each user understands their responsibilites under the rules to keep client data safe and then act accordingly when using the systems.

Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Tony Preece is our DPO for monitoring compliance with the EU GDPR and other data protection laws that may apply to us.

Privacy by Design

The Rules introduce the concept of Privacy by Design, which requires that all strategies and controls put in place for ensuring compliance must take the need for data privacy as the core, to shield them from damaging data breaches and possible sanctions. With this in mind and whilst not an exhaustive list BBO has the following controls in place.

Email Address Verification

All our users have a unique username i.e their email address. Users set their own passwords using a registration form and passwords are ecrypted using 256 bit technology to ensure that they cannot be hacked. If a password is forgotten it can only be reset using secure THREE FACTOR AUTHENTIFICATION techniques along with aggressive firewalls to filter unusual activity.

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